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Hollywood Cemetery Segway Tour

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Very popular on a Segway PT. Hollywood is the second most visited cemetery in the country behind Arlington. Hear many stories about notables there- two U.S. presidents are buried there- one includes an incredible dream of eagles and death by his wife, Jefferson Davis and his family (most of his 5 children died before adolescence), Supreme Court Justice Louis Powell, governors, and many other notables, including a survivor of the Titanic who became a prominent Richmond banker but surrounded with lots of scandal. Hear the story of one of Richmond’s oldest families and the unusual and unique way they originally made their fortune. Hear about duels until the 1880s, “Extra Billy” Smith and his role in the Civil War and later as Governor of Virginia. Learn of Lewis Ginter who built the Jefferson Hotel and how he became the force behind marketing of tobacco. Loaded with Civil War history and notables including J.E.B Stuart and George Pickett, hear the part this cemetery played in creating a national holiday- Memorial Day. An amazing place of serenity and tremendous beauty including spectacular views of both the river and the city, Hollywood is a must for any visitor or local..

Ticket – $75


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