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Churchhill Segway Tour


Another popular Segway PT tour that covers the historic Church Hill area of Richmond.Among the highlights you will see are Libby Prison, Libby Hill (beautiful views of the river and where our city was named in 1620 by William Byrd), the Masonic Lodge (oldest continuing operating lodge in the country where George Washington and Lafayette visited), the Adam Craig House- beautiful and historic, St. John’s Church (where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech), and Chimborazo Park (site of the largest war time hospital in history). Richmond is only second to New Orleans in the amount of ironworks and fencing. See beautiful fencing and some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the city. Learn about Richard Adams, and why he bought every piece of land on Church Hill in the late 1700s and how his friendship with his best friend, Thomas Jefferson, terminated abruptly.

Ticket – $69


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